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Mar 3, 2012 6:00pm EST
trailers like toys. the worst of the damage in southern indiana where entire communities and neighborhoods were wiped off the map in a matter of seconds. we have team coverage. chuck bell in the storm center. we begin with nbc's jay gray. >> reporter: good evening. the devastation you see behind me stretches for miles. two violent attacks from mother senate in the span of three days which in communities just like this across the tornado alley, the loss is almost too much to bear. a day after, and the devastation is almost impossible to believe. >> tragic, terrible. it's one minute you're here and then you're gone. >> reporter: communities and lives ripped apart by 100 tornadoes that touched down across a dozen states. the images of destruction tell the sad story tell the sad story better any words might, kentucky, georgia, tennessee and north carolina. deep, violent scars that stretch for miles, perhaps none more painful than here in the nation's heartland. >> once again, mother nature has dealt harshly with indiana. >> the small town of henryville wiped from the map. >> we came out of the
Mar 2, 2012 6:00pm EST
of indiana. this henriville, indiana located 20 miles north of louisville, kentucky. this is henriville junior/senior high school struck by a tornado. that school demolished completely. there were people trapped in the high school for a time period. now i believe only one person is still not being found in that high school. the school was actually in dismissal at that time. you can see now the chopper is flying over some open land right now, not exactly over the henriville area but maryville just up the road the sheriff's office says that town is completely off the map, a town of 1900 people. don't know of any deaths in maryville but every building gone. this is why, look at these very strong storms, all across the region from portions of ohio around cincinnati all the way down toward the gulf coast states. we're talking about mississippi, alabama, and in through portions of georgia. take a look at the current colors. when i say the current colors i mean the yellows, the tornado watches. it includes parts if not half of west virginia right now. southern portions of ohio all the way down
Mar 4, 2012 6:00pm EST
, indiana. >> reporter: the echo of chain saws cuts through henriville, a community all sered to its core. mother nature may have delivered the first violent shock, but the fight here is far from over. an army of volunteers pulling out and piling up what they can. the weapons in this war to survive include front loaders, backhoes, and at times along the front lines of this disaster, the battle is hand to hand combat. >> people from everywhere are coming to help. just the fact that in a time like this that people can really just come, people that don't know each other can come and help and bring what resources they have. >> reporter: many are drawn here because they understand the possibility that they could be next. >> it's incredible. by the grace of god, ten miles south and it would have been me. i couldn't imagine all my things laying all over the ground. i couldn't. >> reporter: looking for anything that might seem normal in this mess, a handful of survivors gathered for sunday service. their sanction ware is battered and torn, but their spirits are not. as they search for help from a
Mar 17, 2012 6:00pm EDT
on, vcu and indiana, maybe the fighting aaron gilchrest get another upset win. >> the ram, ram nation h. >> yes, sir. >> that is one of our local teams. root for them, georgetown. thank you. >> yep. >> thank you, chuck. >>> that's the news for now. [ male announcer ] what if you had thermal night-vision goggles, like in a special ops mission? you'd spot movement, gather intelligence with minimal collateral damage. but rather than neutralizing enemies in their sleep, you'd be targeting stocks to trade. well, that's what trade architect's heat maps do. they make you a trading assassin. trade architect.
Mar 5, 2012 6:00pm EST
. in henryville, indiana, jay gray, news 4. >> the snow is also having an impact in our area. up to 10 inches fell across central virginia. darcy spencer is in thornberg, virginia in spotsylvania county with more. >> reporter: it's looking really on the slushy side. earlier today it was like a winter wonderland and a half hour ago we had a little snow shower that came through. now a lot of people thought their snowball making days were over for the season so today they were caught off guard. on the prince william parkway, no snow. a little further south in fredericksburg there was snow but not enough to delay. further south some residents say they got half a foot. were you expecting to hit this kind of snow? >> no. actually i was in south carolina where it was like 70 so we hit this and it was like oh, okay. >> reporter: this guy was walking his dog gemini in a pair of shorts in the middle of a snowstorm, traveling from north carolina, accumulating snow was the last thing he expected. how is gemini taking this? >> he's confused. he's from florida, so he's not used to the snow. >> reporter: jackson
Mar 6, 2012 6:00pm EST
of small town life reemerging. jay gray is in henryville, indiana with more on the cleanup. >> as families continue to pour through all of the splintered wood and twisted metal, suddenly signs of recovery are showing up. this morning the new washington state bank reopened. there was no power so no computers, all the transactions had to be written out by hand much working by hand is something most are getting used to here. in some places a brick at a time. before the storm, carrie's beauty salon and house set side by side. now, what's left of both is scattered for miles. >> we have to start over from scratch. >> because she doesn't know how to get over everything that's happened. >> there are no words to put together to describe that very moment. >> reporter: for others the word is simple and obvious, it's hero. as the tornado was tearing away her home and everything around them. stephanie refused to let it take her children. >> i was reaching around holding them. >> she saved her little boy and girl. but flying debris left her crippled. >> i had two steel beams on my legs. >> fighting thro
Mar 1, 2012 6:00pm EST
're talking about the same area that was hit yesterday. kentucky, illinois, indiana. parts of the ohio area and down through portions of tennessee a moderate risk. any time you see a moderate risk we're talking about a potential for tornadoes once again. this will be during the afternoon tomorrow. we are hoping they do not see a repeat of what we saw during the day yesterday. as far as our weather is concerned the same frontal boundary that is going to cause thunderstorms there will move our way and i think a good chance for some thunderstorms in our area overnight friday night into early saturday morning. right now i don't think the severe threat is quite there but we have to watch out for some stronger storms and we'll of course watch them for you here at nbc 4. by the end of the afternoon though we get out of here and we're looking at sunshine late in the day on saturday. that's not bad at all. as far as our next couple days go how about this evening? looking good. still a little bit on the cool side. you'll notice the temperatures dipping down. 57 to about 64 degrees. but just gorgeous
Mar 30, 2012 6:00pm EDT
with a shake. feel good about your decisions. >>> they were giving them away in fort wayne, indiana this morning, free lottery tickets. the store was already full of people buying but lottery officials gave some away. by now you know it is the largest megamillions jackpot in history. the drawing for the $640 million jackpot is tonight at 11:00. we'll have the numbers. >> is that a lot of money? i'm trying to -- is that a lot? >> give a million dollars to your friends. >> more than either of us can contemplate. >> can you imagine? really. >> no i can't. >> let's talk about numbers that we can imagine. 59 for tomorrow, a little in the way of rain. don't worry too much or change any plans. i don't expect rain all day. 65 sunday. >> thanks, doug. >>> ran into pat collins today at a convenience store there working a system to pick the winning numbers in this megamillions thing. said he had three interns working on the system for weeks. i laughed and said to pat because both he and i know he ain't going to win system or not. but that conversation also made me miss my grandmother. she had
Mar 28, 2012 6:00pm EDT
kentucky and indiana and ohio. that rain will move our way during the day on saturday. saturday right now does look like it will see a pretty good chance of shower activity. will it be very early in the day or will we see some in the afternoon? that is still the question i'm looking to answer. mostly cloudy, showers and storms continuing to move out mostly to the south this evening. 62 to about 68 degrees. tomorrow morning mostly clear. looking good. mild and rather breezy. winds out of the northwest at 10 to 15 miles an hour. maybe some gusts upwards of 20 especially once the sun comes up. then tomorrow afternoon sun and a few clouds. breedsy and mild. 61 to about 66 degrees. winds out of the northwest at 15 to 25 miles an hour. maybe some 30-mile-per-hour wind gusts tomorrow but that will be of the warm wind variety so not a problem there. friday fantastic with a high of 65. 65 on saturday with that 50% chance of rain. i do think it will move out of here on sunday leaving us with a pretty nice sunday afternoon. a high near 70 on sunday and as we move toward the beginning of next week, w
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9